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We can help you extricate and disentangle data through AI, machine learning and advanced analytics to enhance your business performance and drive extraordinary results.

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About Red Buffer

Red Buffer, established in 2013, is a premier machine learning and AI services company, with worldwide experience with some of the globe’s biggest tech companies. We boast a team of highly skilled individuals, with graduates of Stanford, GIKI, NUST, and FAST among other highly-ranked universities.

In a nutshell, RB is a premier artificial intelligence focused software house that provides services including machine learning, robotic process automation and full stack deployment. We help you understand data through advanced analytics to enhance your business performance and drive extraordinary results as well as assist you in building innovative products using our skills in full stack development.

We take pride in being technology and customer centric, with a strong technical acumen. Our team is always available for long term development including new features and functionality, and support. We follow processes and methodologies carefully aligned with the needs of our customers – not compromising on service quality or our set benchmark of world-class delivery services.

Since our inception, Red Buffer has been working with global tech giants completing 115+ projects for many clients globally which include non-profit & government organizations, large enterprises as well as upcoming startups.

Our Achievements Speak For Themselves


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Meet the Team

We have a total engineering team of 50+ exceptional individuals and are growing as we expand our portfolio. This allows us to do our due diligence for each project we take on and do our best.

Leadership Team

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Tayyab Tariq


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Shahqaan Qasim

Partner / VP of Engineering

Management Team

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Raziah Gondal

Head of Operations

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Farhan Salam

Head of Full Stack Engineering

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Aqsa Kausar

Head of AI (Machine Learning)

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Aisha Humayun

Head of HR

RB Team

Our team actively participates in engaging the tech community through various platforms including Facebook Developer Circles, to coach and mentor young talent in AI and machine learning. We also take our responsibility as a pioneering software engineering and development company very seriously by supporting our local government’s National Response in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by helping develop Disease Epidemiology Modeling.

How We Get To You

  • 1

    Omnichannel Engagement: We use multiple channels to understand the consumer’s journey.

  • 2

    Personalized Service: We take advantage of machine learning and AI to offer hyper relevant services.

  • 3

    Business Analytics: We identify the customer’s business needs and associated problems through data.

  • 4

    Mind Mapping: We visualize ideas through diagrams, brainstorming, business intelligence, and software development.

  • 5

    Staying in Touch: We implement audio/video engagement tools such as Slack to ensure real-time communication.

  • 6

    Strategizing: Preparing, planning, implementing, and tracking – we take a holistic approach while appreciating that each stage and step will be different across companies and industries.

How We Do & What We Do

  • We want to give you exactly what you need, so we start off with conducting discovery workshops to understand your project vision and KPIs for success

  • We make rapid prototypes while staying within the budget.

  • We release an MVP: a pilot build to see adoption

  • We learn from the MVP, and do a full release after making adjustments to our assumptions.

  • We test, test, test at all stages to ensure minimum bugs

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