Crafting AI Success Stories at Red Buffer

From ideation to execution, we’re more than just experts in AI, cloud, and mobile solutions. We’re a venture-backed team committed to transforming your AI vision into tangible results. Discover our story and the partners who believe in our mission.

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About Red Buffer

Since our inception in 2013, Red Buffer has been at the vanguard of AI innovation, crafting tailored AI solutions for both startups and established enterprises. Our venture-backed status and collaborations with global tech leaders underscore our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in the AI domain.

Our distinguished team, with alumni from renowned institutions like Stanford, GIKI, NUST, and FAST, is dedicated to transforming your AI aspirations into tangible successes. Our expertise spans:

  • – Development of cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your needs
  • – Robotic process automation for efficient workflows
  • – End-to-end full-stack deployment for holistic product development

With over 115 projects under our belt, we’ve empowered diverse sectors, from budding startups to government entities, to thrive in an AI-driven landscape. At Red Buffer, we don’t just offer solutions; we partner with you on a journey of innovation, growth, and unparalleled success.

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Meet the Team

We have a total engineering team of 50+ exceptional individuals and are growing as we expand our portfolio. This allows us to do our due diligence for each project we take on and do our best.

Leadership Team

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Tayyab Tariq


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Shahqaan Qasim

Partner / VP of Engineering

Management Team

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Raziah Gondal

Head of Operations

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Farhan Salam

Head of Full Stack Engineering

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Syed Nauyan Rashid

Head of AI/ML

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Aisha Humayun

Head of HR

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