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Red Buffer (RB) was established in 2013 to tackle the imminent need for data-driven services worldwide. Since then, it has grown into a reputed company offering a vast array of development services related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and full stack development to tackle the ever-demanding needs of a digitally connected world.

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What We Offer

We have a knack for building products and solving problems. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to,

Computer Vision

Our computer vision models are used across industries to enhance consumer experience, optimize operations and amp up security

Recommendation Systems

We power business KPIs by giving automated, personalized suggestions or advice tailored to your needs

Fullstack Engineering

We have a demonstrated record of creating products using a wide variety of technologies including NodeJS, AngularJS ...

Information Retrieval

Using Q&A systems, Natural language querying, and smart search and matching, we provide answers to fundamental ...

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is identifying data points in data that don't fit the normal patterns. It can be useful to solve many problems including ...

Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analysis

We use a variety of modeling approaches like knowledge discovery, information extraction, text classification ...

Who we are

Since our inception, Red Buffer has been working with global tech giants to help them achieve their business goals.




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Repeat clients

Areas of Digital Transformation

Red Buffer has worked with a wide range of industries and organizations to help them achieve their business goals. It has enabled companies in the provision of financial services, legal tech, energy, and other verticals to design products utilizing predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision. The projects include cost and usage forecasting, document processing and review, and financial predictions and analysis of satellite imagery.

Legal Tech
Cloud Infrastructure

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CEO, Food Technology Company

"Red Buffer had a high level of talent. They were well-educated. On top of that, their services were reasonably priced; they were highly affordable for the talent they had."

Rick Baker

CEO, Techstreet

"They exceeded in their machine learning skills. They were also very organized, process-driven, and communicative. It was more than just a job; the success of the project meant something to them."

CEO, Digital Energy Solutions Company

"We’re delighted with their work. Their help has enabled us to grow. We were really pleased with Red Buffer's adaptability that made every solution work for us despite our challenging project."

Join the Red Side

If you don’t see a relevant position, don’t be discouraged! Send in your resume to, and we will reach out to you. Who knows, maybe we’ll even create a whole new position!

Mobile Application Developer

The ideal candidate is familiar with each layer of mobile application development but with a focus on React Native and a genuine interest in all software technology. Your expertise will contribute to redefining our architecture and building world-class mobile applications with an enthusiastic team.

Experience 3+ years

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Full Stack Engineer

This is currently not an active position, feel free to apply if you would like us to reach out to you in the future when the vacancy opens up.

Experience 2+ years

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Cloud Engineer

As a cloud engineer at Red Buffer, you'll architect, build and maintain the infrastructure components on Azure, AWS or Google.

Experience 2+ years

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Sales Development Team

Positions are available for varying levels of experience, meet with us to showcase how your skills and expertise can contribute to the success of our team.

Experience 1+ years

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