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Reduce your development cost with our best practices.

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Solutions We Offer

Staff Augmentation

Let our experts fill the resource and skill gaps within your in-house teams. You will be able to manage them directly.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality development services, and we will take full responsibility for any risks associated with our work.

Self Managed Team

Partner with a Red Buffer project manager or team lead to get a self-directed team to work on your development initiative.

Red Buffer Augmentation VS Other Staffing Options

Red Buffer Typical Employment Recruiting Agency Freelance
Time to Find 24 Hours 6-12 Weeks 4 Weeks 3-4 Weeks
Recruitment Cost $0 , You only pay the hourly of
our top notch expert engineers
in average 20% from
annual salary
25% of the hire's
annual salary
up to 20% , depends on the
platform's fee
Expertise Check Red Buffer runs three interviews
and evaluates candidate's soft
and hard skills , as well as perfect
You will have to conduct
the vetting process by
Agencies conduct
screening and
you will have to evaluate the
candidate by yourself
Legal Protection Yes Yes No No
Free Replacement Yes No Usually 1 Free Replacement Yes
Pricing Model Hourly or Monthly Rate Cards Salary + Overhead costs Hourly + Monthly Rate Cards ,
Recruitment Charges
Hourly Rate Card
Success Rate High High Medium Low

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Case Studies

Red Buffer has helped companies in Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, IoT, and other industries to find perfect-match developers.

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What do clients say about RED BUFFER ?

"Red Buffer had a high level of talent. They were well-educated. On top of that, their services were reasonably priced; they were highly affordable for the talent they had."

CEO, Food Technology Company

"They exceeded in their machine learning skills. They were also very organized, process-driven, and communicative. It was more than just a job; the success of the project meant something to them."

Rick Baker

"We’re delighted with their work. Their help has enabled us to grow. We were really pleased with Red Buffer's adaptability that made every solution work for us despite our challenging project."

CEO, Digital Energy Solutions Company