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We architect data solutions that transform raw information into actionable insights, crafting custom data pipelines and analytics dashboards for diverse business needs.

Case Studies

Anti-Money Laundering Detection From Transaction Data

The goal of this project was to develop an anti-money laundering system that could flag suspicious transactions based on peer group analysis. The system monitored historical data and applied rules against peer groups to identify potential money laundering activities. The stack used for this project included Python, Scikit-Learn, and SQL.

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Building an Interactive Dashboard for Net Zero Pathways

The goal of this project was to build an interactive dashboard for CO2 AI product, which helps companies measure, track, and reduce their environmental footprints at scale. The dashboard was designed to calculate Net Zero Pathways to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) and provide real-time updates and results. The technology stack used in the project included Python, Pandas, Dash, Plotly, AWS S3, and AWS EC2.

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Deploying a Self-Service BI/Reporting Solution

This Company’s NOC Team in Pakistan was tasked with deploying a self-service BI/reporting solution for Telenor Pakistan's NOC. The goal was to provide up to 40 dashboards with drill-down functionality, representing different views of network KPIs, trends, and thresholds. The dashboards would aggregate data from various systems, including ITSM, IBM Netcool, WFM, and other systems in Company’s NOC IS/IT environment. The solution would also include some static data from Excel sheets and be viewable on a variety of devices.

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Footfall Forecasting in Theme Parks

A system that uses hourly footfall prediction models based on a customized version of the Facebook Prophet and LSTMs to accurately predict the footfall in trampoline parks. The system uses inputs from historic footfall for each location associated with the chain as well as third-party information such as weather, movie release dates, and local holiday schedules to optimize personnel costs and enhance profitability.

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Forecasting COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan using Machine Learning Techniques

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, and Pakistan has been no exception. To effectively manage the pandemic, The Organisation in Pakistan embarked on a project to develop a machine learning (ML) model that could forecast COVID-19 cases based on historic data and other relevant factors.

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Market Prediction Systems

An innovative market prediction system that leverages Thomson Reuters MarketPsych Indices (TRMI) to accurately predict daily movements of the S&P 500. The project involves a team of experts in finance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning who have used vast amounts of historical market data to develop a machine learning model capable of predicting future market movements

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Navigating the Future of Property Taxation

The project aims to automate the property tax collection process by using computer vision and machine learning techniques. An instance segmentation model (Detectron 2) is used to identify different types of properties.

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Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in Sports Events

In the world of sports, analytics plays a crucial role in understanding player strengths and weaknesses, team strategies, and game outcomes. However, gathering and understanding player stats for college sports or domestic sports at a large scale is a difficult task.

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Using Deep Learning to Create High-Quality Textures

A leading company in the game development industry that specializes in creating high-quality textures for games and films. They wanted to find a solution to synthesize high-resolution textures from low-resolution textures to reduce the time and effort required to create textures manually.

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