Computer Vision

We build solutions that transform visual data into actionable insights, enabling precise image and video analysis from segmentation to classification.

Case Studies

AI-Based Safety System

World leader in marine diamond exploration and mining technology, faced the challenge of ensuring the safety of their crew members and equipment on diamond mining ships. To address this challenge, the company embarked on a project to develop an AI-based safety system that could monitor the working environment and raise alarms if certain rules were violated.

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Building a Mobile App for Sports Memorabilia Identification

The goal of this project was to develop a mobile app that could identify baseball cards from a database of cards using machine learning techniques. The app was designed to take a photograph of a baseball card and identify the card by matching it against a database of baseball cards. Once the matching was complete, all the metadata of the baseball card was returned to the user.

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Footfall Forecasting in Theme Parks

A system that uses hourly footfall prediction models based on a customized version of the Facebook Prophet and LSTMs to accurately predict the footfall in trampoline parks. The system uses inputs from historic footfall for each location associated with the chain as well as third-party information such as weather, movie release dates, and local holiday schedules to optimize personnel costs and enhance profitability.

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Forecasting COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan using Machine Learning Techniques

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, and Pakistan has been no exception. To effectively manage the pandemic, The Organisation in Pakistan embarked on a project to develop a machine learning (ML) model that could forecast COVID-19 cases based on historic data and other relevant factors.

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Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in Sports Events

In the world of sports, analytics plays a crucial role in understanding player strengths and weaknesses, team strategies, and game outcomes. However, gathering and understanding player stats for college sports or domestic sports at a large scale is a difficult task.

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AI Photos – Personalized Avatar Generation for Enhanced First Impressions

AI Photos is a groundbreaking mobile application that leverages a sophisticated AI model to generate personalized avatars in over 65 styles tailored for individuals, couples, and diverse gender representations. Recognizing the significance of profile pictures as the first impression in both social media and professional platforms, the app utilizes advanced AI technology to create 150+ unique avatars from 15 close-up shots featuring different clothes, expressions, and backgrounds.

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