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Case Studies

Cloud Infrastructure Cost Management Solution

A startup that provides an AI-powered cloud management platform for enterprises. The platform automates the process of tagging cloud resources, such as virtual machines, databases, and storage, to help enterprises manage their cloud infrastructure efficiently.

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Deploying a Self-Service BI/Reporting Solution

This Company’s NOC Team in Pakistan was tasked with deploying a self-service BI/reporting solution for Telenor Pakistan's NOC. The goal was to provide up to 40 dashboards with drill-down functionality, representing different views of network KPIs, trends, and thresholds. The dashboards would aggregate data from various systems, including ITSM, IBM Netcool, WFM, and other systems in Company’s NOC IS/IT environment. The solution would also include some static data from Excel sheets and be viewable on a variety of devices.

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HR Recruitment Process Automation

Leading technology consulting company that specializes in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the technology sector, They wanted to automate their recruitment process and leverage cutting-edge NLP techniques to identify and approach potential candidates from publicly available data sources.

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Maximizing E-commerce Efficiency with AI/ML

An ecommerce platform that specializes in selling electronic and photonics components online. The company was seeking ways to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Navigating the Future of Property Taxation

The project aims to automate the property tax collection process by using computer vision and machine learning techniques. An instance segmentation model (Detectron 2) is used to identify different types of properties.

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Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in Sports Events

In the world of sports, fan engagement has become a crucial aspect of the industry. With the rise of social media, fans expect to be updated with the latest news and highlights of their favorite teams and athletes. However, traditional social media platforms lack context, resulting in lower engagement rates.

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